Fortnite 2fa

Fortnite 2fa i know my youtube name is technically trainer but from today on you guys will call me the earth Savior yeah that's kind of not that creative anyway today I'm saving fortnight Earth from alien invasion the rules are simple. Dude the first team to destroy 10 alien UFO. Rocket ships win also while you shoot down the alien UFO rocket ships you also gotta kill each other loot and also. Fend off weird alien zombies it gets pretty hectic dude if you like saving earth then hit that like button down below, subscribe if you do hit that little bell too to turn on notifications and remember to use code crater in, the item shop because if you don't then I don't know what happens but please coke, rain in the end shop thank you shout out to Donald for using cold crane and the atom stuff as well if you guys want, to get a shout out all you got to do is use my creative code in the item shop and then leave a comment, down below thank you so, much Donald once again each other video guys guys we're doing it against everything a good guys without although we ought to plant it the planet is called pro12 apparently dude so I've, already explained the rules in the intro me try to gotta be on the team against runic and. Fishboy whoever destroys 10 alien ships first and saves Planet P rod wins are you guys ready for this. Yeah it's get it also a of course huge shout-out to people prudie's for making this awesome map to this boys if you veer off pretty, broad 12 probe Rudy's I don't know you. Have a cool name and an even cooler map bro idea it is boys we got 20 minutes to save the wall that also, we're gonna be taking damage from the lack of oxygen makes sense it's completely legit dude I'm sorry this is insane yes well I was I know no, it's absolutely not alright so I'm gonna pick that one. Okay so I got a drum gun so there are tenants around the map which are definitely gonna help us take down the alien things and remember boys you're, not allowed to shoot them okay and you're only allowed to build. Within your own base all right boys okay yeah I think wait why is he silent you try oh gosh do almost, like an ostrich head dude be careful do be careful aliens up behind you Friday okay really I'm gonna. Start firing at the.

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