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Fortnite Aimbot what's very buddy's typical game room with your daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you is a week one, of the World Cup qualifiers it is solos this week and it is gonna be an absolute banger today's the semi finals, to qualify for the finals tomorrow you have to be within the top three thousand players in the region so we're gonna be doing 10 games and. Based off those 10 games if we get top 3,000 we will qualify for tomorrow we're number one and number two in solos on. West coast move on to the actual World Cup in, New York later this year so that is the overall goal I've been grinding I've been training and I'm excited for the same excited to. Qualify and hopefully tomorrow absolutely kill it so if you watch and draw this, do be sure to drop a fat like on this video each like is a bit of encouragement to, me and subscribe if you are new also if you want to cop some that fire merch head on over to typical da store link in the description below. This is gonna be fun I wouldn't say I'm nervous but you know what there's that little feeling. Before you get into Game one that you always get you know whether you're doing like a sports competition or an online competition it's always like that once you're in, it once you're zoned and you're zoned in so it's gonna be all positivity it's gonna be all bodily, flows it's gonna be a good frickin time that's. How it's gonna be that's what is going to be so um it looks, like to qualify you probably need around 35 points probably so that's gonna be my goal to get 35 points overall overall 9 seconds until we, start 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 hey what you play in your current region you'll be yes accept alright let's do this man I'm excited, banging on banging on my chest man X ops just did he is I think um II qualified almost for. Sure like 99.99999% he qualified so now I got a qualify but he's not East so it's a little different he's, honest he qualified I don't know I said 99.9% he qualified well it's gonna, be a phat hundred-person lobby here that's what it's gonna be my DP I change my aim feels. A little different honestly I think my dpi might have changed I got a look at that in between games I think it's fine well, find me a place top 3000 all right let's do this man I'm excited this is basically just like I'm gonna treated like normal champion games because. Basically everybody in here was in Champions League so essentially the same sort of lobbies essentially but I'm, gonna be focusing in so see you guys know. I won't be able to reach out as much I'm gonna scuff my landing right away oh, my gosh the way I just grabbed that ball the way I just grabbed the ball chat somebody there already Oh No do it Oh am I stuck here. This ball is now officially a week that's no help I haven't even opened in one chat. Yet there we go we got two chests open though alright let's, see what's in this one before me oh there is a guy there me sniper there the only thing I don't like here is that this ball, is so severely damaged it's got about half health.

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