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Fortnite Background let's go on see you guys thank you for coming out with the notification yeah then its retail but yeah guys all say I'm gonna show you guys some pretty cool information then I got okay guys, everybody spam hype in the channel make sure you got some stuff man I'm watching in school teacher in school man so, check this out boys ah see I think it might be a rocket man that's ever at the, big site no my guys give me one second I gotta turn the. Display capture no quick boys so check this out guys turn on right now, so you guys can literally see what I'm looking at on my freaking computer but kiddies all guys I don't, know it might just it might just be see a guy doesn't this look like it could be a rocket but I was looking at in the tweets here's from you know some amazing, guys right that actually had this on their Twitter and look. This dude's it's just really weird that there's something about a beam something about. A late a large plasma gun I don't know there's some pretty cool stuff y'all know what's going on gamer what's up dude think of a journeyman gun dude x marks the spot yeah guys. I gotta show you guys that to men okay, x marks the spot also there's some new pictures of some runes that are freakin coming back men off air what's going, on Debbie what's going on I'm the visitor from rocket season for ya dudes I'm, gonna show you guys the video um so basically there's some pretty crazy stuff that's going on and there's some new runes are supposed to happen Kevin they keep supposedly, supposed to have to come back two minutes actually insane home guys let me show you guys the video right now I think it's. On Twitter so let me go – let me go to. Twitter quick boys face what's going on do you think of Jonah everybody remember to drop a like subscribe, enter on notifications you thought I'd show you guys something pretty crazy Kevin dudes Kevin Kevin Kevin needs to check Simon um go here was it. Here where's it at dudes I can't remember I left it I. Think it's on oh it's over here leave this boys hold on check this out guys this is from the rocket the rocket launcher back in season four dates Tina what's going on super what's, going on blast e what's up E I'm every week. LT you're insane men everybody spam hype – chat – this is freaking insane but this is the rocket launch that happened back in season four right with scars, a third day in the road dude you're insane thank, you for joining stream an Ellie what's up dude the rocket guys this is back. In season four you know what powers the rockets guys you guys want to know what powers that rocket right now -, you know what's going on kermy it was the visitor using the freaking cube, chards voice oh one second guys on I gotta meet something okay I forgot to meet my playstation sorry about that guys. Leo it's gone Jeremy what's going on LD what's going on but this is back in season four boys D what's up Ellie Robert Barron what's going on guys take event hot rocks yes you solved it mister, panetta you freakin solid demand hot rock sighs I'll be back on the grind yeah guys. Spacely that was insane a bit that happened back in season four and those lasers actually a point at different locations of the. Map is insane Master what's up dude now feel it's going on then who wants a, shout-out another C I want to give you guys some shallots you guys insane. Oh yeah this is like the rocket that actually um you know using the riff is pretty crazy we had wrists up for this Oh. Nightmare what's going on Xtreme what's going on Caden what's. Going on Canty what's going on dude mister suppose you what is updates now the I got if I do this. Nobody shouts in slim went on for you guys but I love giving you guys shout outs when you guys are insane you guys are beautiful you guys to come out here. Man I'm mad. Support heats mobile what's going on you sub like turn on notifications thank you dude but this is absolutely freaking. In my mind blowing dude this is back in season four voice Alex what's going on Maddox is gone Daniel what's going on Shivani what's going on Tina Tina Tina what's up Tina, how's your night tonight Gina oh I gotta add I gotta add voice oops yeah let's. Go ahead and turn that off guys I got some more stuff I gonna show you it's on, messenger actually I think someone one of my good friend of mine is actually tweet of it blew this. Guy's you guys see this yo dance it's on Anthony with a tube knowledge bomb dude thank you for the tea da bomb gzb dare extreme shout-out to. A flare boy what's up my friend but look these do you guys see the Kevin the cube this, was with the spear event dealing with the Kevin the cube so Kevin keep it come back boys oh it's Kevin guys this is back in. The despair vent dude do you like, negate 30s lover men but this is Kevin's look heavy so I'm saying and also we have leaked stuff about the Cuba ruins coming back, to you guys Oh Tina what's going on that's. Crazy yeah guys so basically on these ruins here um what I'm saying that this is like different um I don't know if these exactly but someone told me that these like ruins, or something like that is is deal it has to deal with, the ruins or something but there's supposed to be some really really really huge events going on this next three weeks. Man zippers what's going on Kevin could be alive dude honestly guys I'm going to show you something really crazy to me go to my um go to my likes, it's over here boys let me show you this video right here guys this is back in the cube event. Right here check this out guys this is back in, the cube event right so pretty much when Kevin and cube was spinning right, there was explosion we're Kevin the cube a piece of actually waiting to loot Lake into the hole I think. I couldn't find that video but at the oh geez who actually watched the event know what I'm talking about dizzy what's going on John what's going on Don thank you for joining me. Man look at the ground in loot Lake yeah guys is when Kevin.

The cube broke dudes back in the day a piece of him actually got lodged into the floor.

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