Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale oh why isn’t it going live oh my god right there we go guys I’m really sorry about that I do not know what happened to the stream but we. Should be live right now how is everyone doing ladies and gentlemen I do not know what happened hopefully. Notifications have gone out right now and ER the stream has started but yeah well shout out to everyone joining the stream. Nice and early you guys are going crazy with the notifications shout to everyone right now join in the stream I hope you guys are, all having a good day let’s jump to a game as soon as possible I don’t know what happens, to YouTube it broke for some reason I click start, stream and it didn’t start but really you guys can hear me today I’m feeling much better today I had a quart food poison and it, was absolutely dreadful so I couldn’t stream but shout to everyone joining variable welcome will stephenson elite ziggy-wig e huge whitey everyone comment right now cuz, I didn’t see the chat for a bit cuz I had.

To sort something out but let me know guys it’s a stream all rolling nice and smooth right now let me know if you guys can hear me vivid Alan welcome P XLR, welcome jib welcome Dylan how you doin hey Kiki welcome, ninja jasmine Jake how is everyone doing today guys I hope you’re all having a great day bye guys everyone right now from the count of three. I want you all to drop her like you, guys ready everyone watching this you might now drop a like from the count of three three two one, go everyone like the stream right now ladies and gentlemen if you are tuning in, and we’re gonna jump into some fortnight and play solos today we’re not even gonna do it Reena we’re just gonna chill on solos but I hope you guys are all, having an awesome day man thank you to everyone who. Is tuning in right now and to everyone asking how I am as well like asking if I’m okay I really do appreciate all. The support from all you guys thank you so much killer tomato thank you for liking bro let’s get some hashtag Reva. In the chat man let’s get some hashtag Reva in the chat Bashar, to the notification going I’m not even played a single game today so let’s just see how it goes but yeah shout to the 260 of you in the stream right now it’s going crazy, man Hameed Hossein welcome yeah let’s get a hashtag Riva in. The chat guys I’ll show with our first game of the day baby hope you guys are all having a good day though shutter everyone in here man let’s see if.

We can hit, that recommended page today I think we can do it not even warmed up man we’re not even warmed up bro I might have to go into a. Bit more our warm-up sessions you know and over joking but yeah shot take one in the stream guys I hope you, all have an awesome day reefer or no fortnight the whole yeah, and literally charge that welcome bro how you doing Daniel welcome its MK welcome dr. toxic the awesome star how are you all doing guys welcome to the stream, you guys are tuning in you know what to do smash that like button guys let’s get a. Massive like spike going shots at a 300 of you in here right now watching the stream and yeah welcome back to a new stream guys I had food poisoning. For over the. Over the weekend yeah mate trust me it’s all for bro Fumi welcome Corner race wait welcome Alex Edmonds welcome Charley.

Bateman how you guys all doing welcome to the stream car I know what you mean bro you know arena, yeah I think I prefer playing arena off stream cuz I can concentrate better if that makes sense on stream is. Just hard cuz I have to read the chart and stuff you know I mean oh and I missed that I first came on anyway it’s gonna feel weird play a normal game that was, a very lucky now it’s one of the most luckiest kill I’ve ever had. In my life I’m gonna hi this is, literally the first game on I will not even warmed up nothing I know warms up no warm-ups are just going in, straight away I’m a see above white well where is he duties boys first game on that we are popping this go man shouts everyone in the stream right now it’s, case of GG’s in the chat boys shout to everyone right now in the Sriman thank you so much to all you guys. Tuning in and.

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