Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay hello everybody yeah I'm in the letter word also known as Martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight you join me in the middle of the brand-new limited time mode that I wanted, to give a quick run-through before I, got started with this video it's known as heir Royale essentially this is Plains only mode you have three planes you've got three lives essentially and basically. You can take down the other players and there are floating chests that you can collect to essentially, try and wreck everybody once you post protects you to actually gain access to a certain type of weapon so if I go from here.

Hopefully we'll be able to do this whoa dude the Train did you know buddy there, you are there you are there you are I never get a little boost on the go oh good finish it's, a crossbeam now if you do stay on the floor for too long and you do end up crash it out, oh my god the try to jump off their plane to take over. Ours that's a no-go from me bro no go from me or Bruce it works all right we'll get into a good one good push it around too long and. Look in get a video game nice loose ice down his tail I've got the little chip in with me pick. It but take your names come on good go nice that's nice that's their God right is that, one plane done or did I just die I think I might have died but I think the plane survived someone. Had they managed to slice me out the plane with the highest of accuracies yeah we still got three, brains all right Syd see just been flying.

On under oh my god fighting to be on the plane there we go all right that's fine that's okay sixteen players remain which means is what eight planes something like that unless somebody else has had so. Many DC on them then there could be more, planes I guess right he's now on the plane it's my turn to do the firing elsewhere.

Let's all go for that item I don't know if he has any clue of, what's going on oh no good for that one good for that one go over there go over there go over there yeah he's gonna go for that one too sick all, right Syd do as much damage these plane as possible nice nice getting them getting them getting them reload reload, it really helps with the wraps on this game-mode actually it's the teller who's playing as one let me change seats, I'm just going to try and kill these guys as we go the music is thumping in this. Game mode as well dude I love it we like it. It's not quite far enough still 16 players left that is a brand new loot lake as well by the way probably should, mention that so as well as the brand new infantry rifle which has got epic legendary variants bitman we've got the new loot lake which i think is related to Kevin the cube. I think basically the Explorers guild have turned up and were. Like yeah you know what we'd actually quite like to use. Whatever remnants of Kevin air left over there and we're going to try and push them all together in some kind of like particle accelerator or something oh boy let'.

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