Fortnite Characters

Fortnite Characters snipers versus spies – snipers versus one spy six different objectives and one ambassador to take out dudes this game-mode is insane this was by sigils go show him some love also do me a favor hit the like, button on this, video let's get to like 10,000 likes because this game is insane hope you guys enjoy snipers vs. spies I said faithful you're piffle right baffle so welcome to a. Game this is called spies vs snipers vs death we have like 95 people in the, call look at this oh gosh look at all the bots running around right, now there's one spy out in the world in his name is Sibylle that grab grab grab grab the speed I'm gonna. Stand Saudi so the job is you see all the sparkling points he has to break five objectives right while doing tasks and yes to kill the ambassador if he does all six. Of those tasks he wins. Okay so they're all there okay that one's there listen that one's there an idea he and I have an idea I'm gonna go there oh don't do that you, know the repercussions what's the repercussions it's off boy oh okay c4 stealer c4 still there. Wasn't it gone a second ago I'm blind are you deaf we do a football I'll shoot. You football I mean I will shoot them cuz they want to get a deagle dude okay Henry's there Henry's there I saw Henry the traps gone is it so wait what wait somebody picked. Up C four minutes dropping it up and dropped it this guy it was a blond guy wait you. Think that was him no no is he trying to, me much dude us what he got the choke dog I heard the noise no no no he got, this thing he back there wait yeah he got one of them already it's just honestly embarrassing you're embarrassing I've seen your foot if you guys think scissors. Embarrassing hit that way I'm just kidding you know what sigils made this map you, go so scissors from love so he said shade Sudan juicy. Booty shorts trap c4 still c4 is gone Oh Schaefer blew it up wait he didn't blow it up though No one two three four there's only four left he blew one up with, his foot Biffle you are blind and find a wider one remember if he blows up.

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