Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite Epic Games what's air Royale climb aboard is storming and take this guy's in this fast-paced mode where players fight to be the last one flying okay let's try that plane LTM, with my wife piloting okay what's the challenge I can barely drive a car babe you can drive a car just fine yep that's what we said yesterday babe you literally, said try try to drive. Well today sometimes you drive a little sus okay that's my point are you gonna make me drink please okay I'm driving the plane right now no no well then what's gonna know I want.

To drive the plane okay control or like whatever you use the swap seats, so we have three plane lives miscellaneous what how.

Does this work and is this the loadout that we get what's what's going on with the roof oh wait no no use if you keep swapping okay wait oh, yeah it's inverted storm comes to the top as well lowers area around drive, through the circles for the power-ups they've go to the circles okay the blue one right there oh that green one go to the game on I think, the green ones means better loop okay one, hundreds nosedive will die I like its hat blue the blue one okay by the way guys apparently you can get knocked out of champion league now oh babe they took it laughter the red. One in front of us health and repair kit found all that repairs okay green one get, the ones like on the outskirts here yeah it might be a visual glitch yva morning I'm not. Too sure with that pink one nice to have a beagle you start, knocking people off their thing baby drive in a straight line oh go through the blue test blue chefs. I think instance your asshole I need to Diggle these Bulls go to the red. That's repair wait you're okay am I supposed to hit somebody if they're lagging it's nice it only helps the playing health okay blue I'm blowing blowing baby you know you can shoot rockets I. Don't know if you have it back and you can boost have you killed, somebody chatter do they like dad yeah shoot the Rockets a thing yeah I guess something. That our plan is gonna break we gotta find another red minigun how's that gonna help me well actually yes pre-lit have yet it you, gotta go find a red one I killed them Wow yeah it's probably like on the other side of the map nobody.

Baby here in the storm the flames about.

To die okay we slash two more planes it's fine we lost our loot oh no we keep brother okay why are. You dead okay here okay good okay I'm gonna get us up in the air first all. Right Travis babe that's kind of.

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