Fortnite Item Shop

Fortnite Item Shop we're out but what Sony announced the PlayStation 5 – the condom I'm looking on I came back alright chat we're coming. Up on another tweet check my Twitter chance to win I'm going to retweet right now go take a look at the Twitter and then you can enter and you have a chance. To win some Reese's there's gonna be one more after this alright so one. Last one so if you want to check if you like Reese's in your I'll take three races and you want a chance to win it and go retweet. Okay and then I think there's one more after, this one chat so you guys want to go hot retail if you want to go it's over here I leave it up to you, well Pyrrha are these that's your weight Hardy's rally, drew Mike I mean it's not my favorite but I definitely enjoy paradise oh I wasn't jumping nurse yeah my drops awful this may be the other boys, yeah guys uh mines even worse there's two games that wrote these in love with us are you even, part of the squad and putting you from the squad stream I mean it was worth it, to get my chick-fil-a true not wrong um but I'm good I'm here Tim there's. Two guys under you Sam can you thirst that guy you're just the second guy you killed something it has done some was laying right on me right here what's, happening right now I have no clue your notifications big Tower or if he has a gun I kind of want it all right Medusa mercy I'm gonna thirsty scar, for his. Gun I hope he has one this is my building good stuff dude keep up the great work 161 to his head that's my kill nice job what a mini yes I do you don't deserve it Wow.

I don't remember that look where's this guy, I don't see them on the roof are used to fighting people I'm just looting Yanks I don't even need an. A I don't think I should on a red boss far yeah it is really far that's all right you know that's Karma you stole my, boo pump I get a purple one. Stole your but I killed the guy well Carmen says otherwise is I got a problem okay T Symphony I'm okay Wow is it cuz he's like Laurie well that seemed useful, Wow he's lowered by like more value well where is lower think, about it yeah I'm gonna try to go get this chill over here I mean he's been up since like the beginning of the game, now like why are you just going to try go there now oh just cooking the. Phone you know I know but it's scared man I know why full pot right here what do. You two can get it you're like always done okaaaaay okaaaaay lot o is T mail do you like pina colada yeah we really are no riffs that's awful have a launch pad don't end, there's a. Heavy sniper in his a vending machine a frail how did I miss what the heck where does boss this guy is the best in the game blocking all of, our shots like turquo the little guys the qualified woke up i legends I'm so hungry, be a good teammate.

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