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Fortnite Item Shop Today hey tangley Game of Thrones is older than most initiatives fan whoa easy maybe we were 20 tax easy bro hey, Chad we hit 34 K again poor guy was here hey chat I missed a lot of subs today but seriously thank you so much it is my first stream back Tyler Congrats on getting the. Second oldest guy in the squad Wow okay so they did something Tim my tuckus that's the sickness it's taxed that big . Thank you for all the support Billy and me don't be toxic dude.

Also a side note a happy tax day guys someone reminded that yeah do you guys want to know how much I'm about to pay. Corley's you want to reveal that necessarily but are you gonna text me I'm thinking about putting it in. The keke Channel go for, it let me just make my second monitor so I'm not leaking anything here just hide your screen you go full just go full cam you're good thank you I.

Think some orderlies hang on it's right here this year why it's cuz that's cuz last. Year's crazy why no that's this year dino Quarterly's are there as wide that you're the border Quarterly's is what you're gonna, be predicting for the following row okay that's total right yeah I thought that was per quarter I was about to cry no he's saying that is per quarter but, Quarterly's are it's the previous year and what you has to make you're gonna make. This year you owe that much money four times in the year yes for this year Wow I feel bad. For you I I thought mine were high. I thought my Quarterly's were high that is I've too much what's your quarterly I weigh less than. That it's still alive way less than that dude well that's why when when I see people talking about taxes now just like mine is right around there Luke yeah that is. Unbelievable but I gotta love the government in the. World I mean I don't know if y'all really want to get to this conversation he's like you should prepare for this somebody Pilar what dad-dad here you should know about tax Wow. Happy pump anis Larry millionaire's and fear chat I.

Heard an inch that is unbelievable I can't Wow if anything it should be like yeah I was gonna say, be good like you man if that's your quarterly wholly out are you all right on the ship right now yep is there respond man in the competitive stuff right now yes or no yes oh. My God he's so new Sunita you should tell me the more money, I make the more I have to pay in tax wait a. Minute I've done that up alright it's gonna blow your mind but yes if you're that you're thinking about use out shout and I thought I'd was bad holy Frick where's his chest, out here there it is someone's landing promised me these before trigger school I tagged. Him for 45 damage you're welcome Vanessa tap firing nine nine nine no we need to get fear on the put on the, squad stream oh yeah Luke you said you had one mini I have one mini for you coming over to. You invite senator hey hearing all morning congrats, on a little guy happy food each 20 bucks there's milk is expensive thanks brother I appreciate 20 thing to the grads man super black bro super super, happy to do this I swear they up treasure maps, yeah this is quite a bit I played all day yesterday about.

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