Fortnite Not Working

Fortnite Not Working in today's video oh my god we found free v bucks near lazy lagoon why is no one covered this yet but before, we get into that another winner for our V bucks contest giveaway oh and congratulations kiwi man also dubbed a beaut, this is now for your comment on how to get the katana in fortnight Battle Royale your V bucks winner giveaway contest winner, and we will be giving you the B bucks very shortly congratulations and I hope you. Get some awesome fortnight skins with the V bucks look how many B bucks we've given away so.

Far hater and the next winner could be you Wow the steps are real easy this time step one all you do is hit the subscribe button with notifications turned on accept all notifications from this check because you want, to be in the loop on the notification squad step 2 leave a like on this video very easy to, do step 3 all you have to do, is simply leave a comment what is your favorite place to land for right battle royale also I want you to leave. Your country and your console in there just once so I know where to send it to and which.

Constantly get the points for and you can also respond to that question multiple times the more times you reply or make a. Response or put a comment in on where your fair place to land. Is the more entries you get into the contest remember one like equals one Bhima capped out at, ten thousand maximum the more likes this video gets the more V bucks the winner will get and it could be you while the rest of the internet smells like ranch dressing we were busy stressing. About the, financial overburden of having too many V bucks in your account you don't know what it's like to be the bank girlie bucks on YouTube it's absolutely astounding but before. We get into that you know who it is it's your host GIM Bo th I'm not even, gonna finish it in today's video but before we get into that I'm gonna need you to smash the like button and if you new around here hit the. Subscribe button with the bail notification turned on that way all. My videos get sent directly to your feed and you'll always find the newest things in for tonight today's video is gonna be, something special because I'm going to show you one of the craziest rumors that has been spreading and circulating around the fort, night Battle Royale community yes this is one the, crazy as the Easter eggs that has ever been discovered in the game according to a few posts on the fort night be our battle royale by the way subreddit a user by the name of, ex Damon 420 seems tool found that. There might be some free v bucks tokens hidden inside fortnight Battle Royale this post was quickly removed from the subreddit but another post similar to that. Appeared on the epic games forum a mere three days later now what does this all. Mean could there actually be free v bucks in the game. By simply completing some steps well it would appear that some of the coding in the last patch would seem to indicate that this is actually true by simply. Completing these easy steps you will be able to get the free VIII, bucks token near lazy lagoon now the steps are very complicated to do but they're doable in any of the battle royale Edition modes none of the LT ms unfortunately I don't know why they didn't do, it I. I know why they didn't do it for some of them because you could just go in a playground and there's no threat about doing that where's the where's the trouble where's the drama you need to have thing, to make it actually difficult so the speculative v bucks token seems to have been found near lazy lagoon, it's actually a little bit closer to. We're lazy links rest in peace homie used to be but in this case, I'm gonna show you how to actually find it so what you want to do is start up a new match because we are getting right into the video of fortnight Battle Royale I recommend. Running solo unless you want to share with. Friends if you do that I think the V bucks can't split between everybody so be aware of that if, you go into solos or duo's solo it is anyway once you've started a new match of fortnight battle royale you're gonna need to find this very specific spot to land we're gonna be landing just, north of the pirate ship near, lazy lagoon now there will be this overburden unencumbered Beach where there's actual lagoon and hot springs and it basically the beach is been gentrified because the lava has turned the little hot, spring into a pit full of acid and if you've seen Dante's Peak the grandma gets her legs. Dissolved in that this is basically what this whole little poke pool this little pond essentially is doing in the game so you, just want to land how I'm landing near the RV recreational, vehicle and you're gonna notice there's a wide strata of trees that have all, been eroded and have no foliage they're all dead what you need to do is simply pick up some of the weapons that are available in the chests you're also gonna need to have balloons, for part of, this Easter Egg because it's a real fun one once you have the weapons acquired you'll need something that's able to shoot first of all and can deal some okay damage I'm using, the silenced SMG we're gonna be using that later so what you need to do is go to this black. Tree near the.

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