Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes what up jokesters Jogia and you guys may or may not know this girl it's this guy's sister one of my favorite things to do is, to go into her stream and annoy her and sometimes we even play together but today, I feel like being extra annoying and the most annoying thing I can think of is stream sniping however I'm not just gonna be a bad bloke and purely stream sniper there's gonna be, a catch for every game I. Can kill her successfully without her figuring out it's me I'm then gonna carry her to that amount of wins so if I kill her five times, before she figures out it's jugee then I'm gonna carry out of five games obviously. I can't go in with the ghoul trooper everyone knows Juhi is the ghoul trooper so I'm gonna switch to this skin cuz once I played a game. With her I joined the lobbying the first thing she said, was this kid was ugly what also I can't just get in there and when I kill her be like nananana nap get jiggy with it I'm gonna have to use an. Emot– that I would never use and also one, that stream snipers would always use to cover my tracks perfect good Julie okay first game hunting tanner and killing tanner i, don't know where she's gonna drop she usually goes desert oh she went to lonely for a change I, think that's her going up yeah it definitely is this this is a I give it that little jingle he's dancing on me it's okay I went to avenge.

The death which I did and now I'm getting virtually noted I'.

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