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Fortnite Pc Download ladies and gentlemen ripple whiff and I have combined to create the Biggles air force and today we're gonna be flying aboard Biggles Force One which which doesn't. Have President Trump it actually just has what let me put my series. Face on okay putting my your lens on but look at that there you go target engaged cuz you're gonna be my gunner and we're taking to the skies in the new arrow owl which is the new duo's mode. That they've added to for night as an LT and there's a. Bunch of challenge you get some cool raps and guys stuff guys so you definitely should go, check it out so cool there's a little supersonic pilot guy in the in the shop you should go get it, needs to put the edgy pilot I am visit or lieutenant people. Are you ready to take to the skies as my gunner wait hold on why might look at it cuz I because I'm the cat that I'm piloting right well wouldn't you be under. Lieutenant I don't know what I don't know guys if you're a sergeant I think, it started at seven lower I made you higher than that okay listen oh. My gosh this is how you never get it grab you lieutenant corporal that's higher stop it okay all right look all right. Listen guys haven't found where's our plate guys if you are excited about the new LTM and seeing, us do a battle royale video make sure to hit that like button do me a huge favor don't forget to subscribe if you're new and turn on notifications you, don't miss out on any of the updates any single day all right lieutenant piffle private yeah well. At this point honestly here's how this code works. We're gonna fly through these different falling objectives to get better weapons when I fly through them they upgrade both the weapons we have in hand, and the gun on the ship we have three lives and there are 11 other, planes that each have three lives last plane standing wins alright you get it there's gonna be a store over here and then legendary on the left too so oh why. Are we like this oh my gosh who you are Opie already aren't you yeah I am is that a minigun and the new, infantry rifle absolutely oh just relax have a, good time they take take a nice no no no no we're getting the perk up your much yeah so if you.

Guys don't know the red ones are healing which heal both the players and the plane and then the other ones are the normal rarity so finval. Already has a deagle of gold minigun and a cold and flu rifle you're also forgetting something your what, lane oh yeah my plane oh I don't get to keep this forever it's like a time. Thing yeah Oh see we're both powered up stealing planes on fire okay remember get. Three lives simple and I are the undefeated air force oh these earnings baited well, he jumped out junk out now if you hijack someone else's plane you get an extra light that's one kill already need let's go yeah the players southeast one for 105 105 105 right for that I'm trying. To set him on fire oh oh oh oh no I, blow up the plane blow up the plane he doesn't know it's pilots album they're gone there God that planes going.

Down i'm yelling later red blue red glows red blows right below us okay yep got you alright they're. On fire draw fire getting up so I'll say hey I'm getting us, out of here get us out of here we're evading lieutenant lieutenant they looked at me anything I want you to kill them I played a lot of rogue squadron growing up they gonna shoot us, down I played a lot of Frogger grow, ago design oh no that's on the clear front again it jagged. Dude are you kidding I will edge you play we may lose all right so then I'm so down out of solo oh yeah okay don't die just don't die I. See more time to head bit full whiffle I think the only matter of the plane okay the lives are only a matter of. The play oh oh matter now he'll see I got my I got my weapons, up okay that's good okay I see another red I'll go for it with five hundred you want help this is like Death Star love go for it..

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