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Fortnite Reddit oh hello there everyone my name is Austin a Capon football in today's four night video is a fun one we're playing a memory game mode where you have to remember what guns match up. And wear so this is gonna be uh very interesting for me, cuz havin such a good memory we made a 5×5 grid and chose what loot we want to battle with then we rotate. And hide each other's loot once that is done we head till someone gets 5 items before we stop. Matching this is so much fun to play so make sure to devastate that, like button subscribe for more of course ring the bell icon down below oh also comment down below saying how your day was cuz all we're planning to, as many people as I can alrighty then let's start this video also remember everyone to use my critical dub if whiffle in the, fortnight's store spelled out just like this buy yourself something nice the new super Sonics game, looks pretty cool Panda team leader or if you're feeling a little like laughing you. Could get the laughing up emo around one where I didn't know the rules everybody ready everybody rotate to your right you're right Oh memory this is round uno dos tres. Quatro we're doing three separate rounds every round. Is a different theme gang oh okay are you guys ready to what we're gonna do we're gonna keep doing memory okay until someone gets. Five different things of loot are y'all ready all right now turn by turn so nobody goes. Too fast okay that's fine so that won't work you know more key okay you guys ready yeah I think I know dang it stock that, one okay okay I'm sorry oh yeah don't open the middle one because that one's irrelevant so irrelevant okay that one. Yep got it boom bow let's go okay I got a.

Boom bow gold scar let's go boys yes okay yeah get rid of that one I feel like you're gonna me mommy oh that's c4 take it I'm double pumping I don't.

Even care can I borrow what are those no I don't want to alarm, anybody no no no we're we're gonna go fight on the war map already everybody got, their guns yeah yeah totally guys before we start I remember to hit that. One oh sorry I forgot who are you I don't know how to man or I'll miss to go with me now done anymore you know I, can't believe he got these frickin mobility holy what did you get I got a boom bow and a scar I don't have a good you know oh yeah how's that feel and. Peel yeah but no don't forget we're doing three rounds Mario Kart scoring Oh Mario Kart. For us I already forgot I already forgot what happened cuz this is memory get it cuz it Oh, mammary God oh that's a lot of damage D I don't have a shotgun I have two deranged I'm an owner, down here I mean I love it oh my gosh oh my hello I'm so sweaty let me pick, ticket ok ticket please alright let's go to round two all new loot all new rounds foot foot that's around one I have. Nine points Biffle six sizzles. And hen we have three because they cheated and collaborated Barton all right you guys ready for a two this time we're, doing capture the point it's pretty hectic oh this one forehand we all right here we go all right everybody ready everybody ready all right yeah I'm.

Ready for the point hmm all right so remember we're doing the first two, five matches okay all right two one go yaryi and okay give that shockwave grenade boys how did you do that already raw talent okay okay I know where that, one is going thank you too but I think I know something I think I know. Something so who did mine thank you for the boom bow. Buddy oh well thank you go going there and I'm gonna go there scar I have a shotgun. And a rocket one thank you – are you are you kidding me look how bad my memory is before we go fight go get our, loot I just want to show biffle's board really quick yeah yeah let me see it let me see wait how do I delete this move it up here I. Know who I'm going all right no I'm ready no let's go the.

Next round do one round two let's do it all right boys we're back on my farm at Fermi's traps. To our base wins in 301 hard oh is that starting I don't know I believe that means go yes I'm going it, boys give me that track wait what remember siphon is on raining from the skies boys I don't want to deal with you, guys yeah yeah you wish, oh no you guys are a bunch of oh he's he's literally gonna knees flying in the air what do you mean I literally just saved all of our lives no Ian has it, Oh Ian's head oh no dude I do not what happened you broke. It I broke all right short intermission we'll fix it back I back at it girl going I'm going and currently going, go go go 90 Dada Dada Dada oh is that trap you oh you blocked it sander yeah I did oh I'm not. Hacking dude I'm getting another point. Well I'm getting another boy boy oh you got I know you do you do when's my birthday seven okay well you're trying to write actually way mi-acts on the.

Seventh month yeah oh he's got another one dude if I get four I can I can get five easily no no that's not. How math works I'm. Out of here nerds are you kidding me I had that trap too yeah well not now do you okay look who's team.

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