Fortnite Roblox

Fortnite Roblox you guys asked for it all right here it is I'm on juicing all right and Wow props to the. Creator of this game by the way let me just make a short disclaimer with this title okay this game's not gonna kill for now anything just you know I just want the, spice to toddle up fortnight's again it's gonna last forever I love fortnight still it's just fun to play like these little side games but. Anyways guys hey I am on Susa door, locks true suit or whatever you guys call it true city I don't know but I'm finally here playing the game as you guys, were asked for it a lot on my roblox video and yeah yeah I am I don't even know what's going, on like look at my dude look at his kneecaps carry me I had a couple games before I even like started playing to be honest I wanted. To test it out first see if, I even liked it so yeah I did you know kind of ruin my first experience so, you guys just a little bit actually good I like it okay it's actually fun whoever made.

This he knew exactly what he's doing he just did everything that people been asking for in the fournette community and it's sick right now I'm in the beta where you kind of like warm up before you actually, go to the real battle royale it was just funny you get. Like health for kills look like that oh my God look watches they talk about my Snipes hold on one sec I'm just I'm just pop a, kid in the head ball quick oh yeah I mean well you want some this pickaxe actually, come on yo something's actually cool what you want boy what you want which want boy pickaxe action boy boy boy get this. Pickaxe action boy you, just pick action boy oh okay no I'll jokes aside this game stick though it's actually fun like it's easy to get kids to look at oh god oh god. Okay okay maybe I lied a little bit I'm not that good come here 20 come on kill him, kill him oh my god hi 90 that's my kill there we go meet symphony unscrew Sid, hello wait what meet Symphony streusel symphony oh wait we can't do that are you kidding me you meet symphony there we go. I got the hang of it oh there's somebody right there I need what oh there talk about my Snipes wanna let. Me just flex these nineties really quick boys let me just super nerd neck on, here that's what I'm talking about please rent bills hold on there.

We go there it is there it is I'm a pro there we go look at the snipe we're gonna snipe look at the snipe or not the last thing you wanted was to come up, against me look a boy see that you get helpful kill you get match for kills they're doing it. Right here introduce it I'm.

Telling you fortnight look you said can I get a replay on that just watch this ha ha 90 there we go one down oh my god I'm just I'm just a tank, of this game I'm Monty just tank this is the bus it's just a block right here's the master bedroom, right here this is where me and my pretend wife or the wife I'll never have we. Lay here just watch what does that say I can't read oh wait something here wait nope in a bit mate I'm sorry I'm sorry.

How to put your body in shambles oh. Boy did you think for one second that I was not gonna see you right there do you know who I am and then I go in shambles my roblox glad the og season, one true sued roblox glider really exclusive hit me up if you guys want to buy if looking for with a, local pickaxe right here nope okay that's, creepy yeah the door just closed on his own let me yeah no yes that idiot no that's that's creepy come no no no take my excuses but down the Otel road I'm. Gonna whoa I love.

To the safe zone I'm gonna take my excuses but to the O Town Road I'm gonna walk till I can't no, more I got little tack in the front no RPG Natick I'm playing she was brought over out cuz fortnight's being wack I don't know I some. Khalaby with low knives from a coat on Rodeo you mix in oh boy you don't goofed even mr. the. Wrong one buster all right the one boy go get pickaxe today Okubo cabal oh my god what a boy. What an actual by YC a boy Wells grew mom'll pardon what you doing out that boy you looking for you stop applies obtrusive this is where you. Goofed this. Is where you goofs boy this is where you goofed I am symphony yeah I got one more RPG bullet gotta make a count who hit him 28 nice nice nice are you kidding me I'm getting shot at. From the back boy great great great great great great.

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