Fortnite Season 11

Fortnite Season 11 hades in trials in tokamak it's a cipher that's Royale and say we are chilling in the bottle bottle plus we for a root beer drinking and. Waiting to jump I really like root beer so don't judge Denner Nona was your racetrack cuz I don't wanna die yeah welcome to my new episode is that it's actually one day until.

Season six and I'm so excited today on. The news I had a picture of like I think it was like a wolf a werewolf a werewolf skin it looks really good we also have one more, robot DJ okay so we, could go futuristic maybe the theme can just be unpredictable well that would just be weird well for tonight it. Didn't have really any good like really good update so far so I guess they're just saving and, like there's keeping our up and hope slow and then and then we're just gonna have a big I thought the bottom pump this one right here was green. That's why I went for the one on top because I saw it that one with. Blue but nope they're both blue now metal seats what's porn a fixer gay metals what is that Oh, grappler I guess we can hold it I don't know if that bounced on those tires but I don't really care you know I just want some kills actually we're not gonna, go for the kills we're gonna go for the wins no I'm not gonna go for camping and. Bushes or avoid every single play I get it. I could I will only get into a fight if I know what's position to go in I know I have the good advantage I wouldn't jump I'm gonna, because I start to just go into fights not thinking about position that's how I die so easily now I'm gonna be like there's two, people are built fighting on top I'm not just gonna go on top I'm maybe gonna hide and break the bottom, or I can, just completely avoid it because everything everybody in that like 200 meters can see the built bike because it's tall so I'm not gonna because usually people are.


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