Fortnite Season 12

Fortnite Season 12 so with the addition of the new reboot van we're doing it again I we're back in the arena we're both smurfing we got myself making, forts and that valley girl Biffle God they just hit that like button for valley girl all right let's do this, we're get it we're gonna drop a jump into an arena quick dubs already valley girl let's, do this okay I wonder if Valley fifth of what my man I wonder if the respawn vans are in the same spot every single – okay there's one there okay oh no that's. A pile of rocks that's a pile of rocks that's that's literally how do you get unique. Glasses so here's the here's the deal for this game. Right here's the DK if I see anybody since you know what one we're smurfing – there's reboot vans if if I see anybody I have to hold W and not let off, a W okay I'll be your medic okay I went to med, school no you get it then oh crap where'd that come from somewhere else where are they I don't know there's probably just. In here knocked one get out of here boy oh right here right there Oh a haircut. Got a both got a both got a boat okay okay so there's a respawn. Van over there at loot loot Lake our players he's going for the respawn van no all is he is he really okay let's let him respawn let him respawn and then we die, them then we murder them they're fighting dude we got to get these kills go ahead I've, looked the one guy up these guys know what they're doing no they don't want 60 that guy dogs. That guy's roofing dude he knows that a builder who doesn't know how, to do nothing I'm sorry that was mean I'm sorry I can't do that you don't respawn van for you I'm gonna kill this guy. So you get help oh no no I don't want to kill him piffle I'm coming okay I mean all the. Time I'm gonna let you bleed out so I can respawn it all right hurry up man 40 sec dunk them I just don't, want to be here let. Me I don't want it I don't want you to touch me I am telepathetic when it comes together drink it drink the minis and I. Love it Oh guys I meet guys have me gotta hit W my way well the good. I just destroyed everything they love dude not one no I'm gonna die no no he's really low dude, yeah okey what here oh I don't know do you let me die I really wanted to hurry up very hard. Though the store really want to test the fan no dude no no no no we'll test it after this game if we win if we, don't win we'll test it out for this game you kill over here okay one I got a whole W let me reload hold. On hold on it away from me away from, me where's me ready oh don't you steal my kill I need to heal I need, to heal dude got one both that okay you're fighting over there selfie selfie southeast we gotta go Paul this is gonna be fun I am lagging like crazy don't you stop gammy guy, me oh no I need or don't honey no don't I.

Need an adult I am so many people are me no I'm gonna died of his own, I died to the.

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