Fortnite Season 13

Fortnite Season 13 all right suppose you guys know a couple weeks ago we got Arsenal as a gamer in fortnight and quite honestly with you it's the best gamer the four Knights ever. Had since like solid gold it's so good it's like a nice quick Arkady gamer if you guys haven't played it yeah hop on. Play for tonight because like it's a lot of fun it's essentially gun game and today I'm gonna, show you why it is the best game mode within fortnight we're gonna play for a couple hours and, I'm gonna get some amazing clips because I feel like I can't lose a game of arsenal I'm just that good like before I even record this, video I've already won two games in a row and yesterday I want three games and, it's just kind of how it works you know I'm just too cracked so if you guys going to enjoy today's.

Video make sure to chuckles a like rating down below in other news as well I'm doing a. Giveaway with HyperX you guys don't know honest about HyperX one of their first Australian ambassadors and we're. Doing a giveaway taking five people had to Paxos do a little meet-and-greet with me we were play some games and stuff like that plus you, guys can win some awesome HyperX swag click the link in the description gain entries but following socials all that kind of stuff, and yeah that fellow dude. This is why Arsenal is the best gamer Dan for tonight also if you want to support me the four iron shop that's code lucky let's play for time who's next I love fortnight I'll, just direct hit I'm so cracked on the crossbar Oh got him let's go but I actually got him yeah, subdued all the way all right come on, come on gotcha I was on the game one hi there finally there we go I forget it's under a rifle got it not lose like this, I have to get a big spring out, to get it now no Nelson gets.

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