Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite Season 9 so there’s real quick before this video starts listen I know this is not fortnight before you go jamming your face until the dislike button give this game a chance hit the like button if you want, us to do this again in the future if not still love you the rules are simple there’s one, person drawing all of the fortnight themed questions while everyone else is guessing what that word is as you can see I’m. Spamming whoever ends with the most points after three rounds gets 10kv books hope you, guys enjoy the video alright so everybody ready.

10kv bucks on the line right here all fortnight themed are you guys ready who’s going first round one crate izzle’ crate is choosing to play nice alright so it’s two words so. Remember we’re doing three different round so we eat straw three times this should be easy so the faster you draw the word the more points. You get so, crater is currently in first because you’re okay pimples turn purple what you get well I don’t know if you guys remember from the, last time we did I got you know paint a thumbs-down get out of here, what what are you drawing all right that was good we gave you a heart I’m still gonna vote to kick you but you know it’s weight Craner still hasn’t got it so there’s real. Quick future in here you guys know my company double jump we have. A new game out and this game I’m actually addicted to so is Craner it’s called merge TD type it in in the App. Store you can also download it from, the link in the description this game is a crap ton of fun you got towers you combine the towers and you shoot zombies in the face dudes give this game, a chance it’s a crap ton of fun and it’s completely free wit damn alright now it’s sister people draw so. I made some non Fortnight worked in here depending on those guys that’s so sad hit that like when, I was gonna type in lie everybody type in like they gotta, like this video there you go yeah yeah hit that like button yeah arts right what do you got Wow crane izl oh yeah, I was gonna go with that too Ian but yeah it works it is dude I know but. I’m special oh my gosh I did yeah afterwards Mike Oh quiet Greg quite okay and Bruce using word amber you got to actually, choose the word this time boy I chose it to the show yeah I actually don’t want to use this word what up what up, what up that’s a foot that’s foot, that’s what I thought it would be in um look at Pisco oh what’s that a paintball gun what is it Quran oh it’s something thanks Quran yeah. Why is there a VA there no idea dude heavy I’m so stupid all right, you know what whatever Bruno he’s drawing now what do you got whoa you’re good at drawing what the heck yeah that’s pretty good right alright Kranitz on you what do, you. Got oh I’m gonna be I’m gonna thumbs down and spoke to kick you get out of here volcania good job boys my turn or 10 we all right what is this, Henry what are you doing what that’s a foot with that what is that a pistol I know I know mate, no I think I turned this wrong um what are you drawing I’m trying to fake how how it is it’s. Like what is that so we got we got the letters up top remember that’s how many letters, yeah but what what is it what is this what is it oh I don’t get it. That’s why have you are all right I crane is what. Do you got I’m gonna go with what you know oh we’re on round 2 remember that where I’m running to now what is the one letter a tree okay okay I’m liking it a forest what, are you trying to be. Wrapped well there’s no hole here for a little squirrel that’s peeking it’s how I head out what are you doing what is this squirrel have to do with anything, crane now over here in the side there’s also an there’s no loss okay with the low window now in the middle. What in the middle of.

All of this okay everything is drawn as a real long there’s a guy there’s a guy okay there’s a guy yeah yes big hair, because and this is ice yes and you decided twenty five four three seconds stand like this, why did you have to draw the squirrel that’s my question holy crap I’ve been a pickle plant Don you okay hit that like button you, know what make sure we have a like a little thing what is up with cleaner and Bibble drawing assume I don’t understand okay now you just straight up copying, my homework set a scroll dude.

Did you’re just literally copying craner’s homework at this point that give you a thought you know, what before I give you a thumbs up on now and you know what no that’s so sad what’s he holding at rental you got six seconds one, just kick up money just kick up what load the case two letters wicked nice choosing, a word all right go ahead you suck oh okay two words two words when you’re, just hanging out down the street right and then there’s like oh gosh listen Koran right you know I’ll get I’ll give you a nice little thumbs up, and a vote kick kick you know they don’t know what is called all right all right.

Try to shoo they try what do you got did it damn me first Oh bring a surgeon’s Lyceum so good, at this I’m in third Carranza moaning you should have put a skull it’s gonna.

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