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Fortnite Tracker ladies and gentlemen today I need your help chat today we have one goal our goal is to get these freakin challenges done our goal is west side of the map.

First I'm late I'm going happy Hamlet I'm doing the racetrack holy geez things okay complete lap at the racetrack where, is the South Point wait so it was like is this like west north south east like is that where that's, telling me to go like over too snobby oh my god can I do all this at the hamster ball can I do all this. With the hamster.

Ball bro my about to set a world record my bed set a world record but I did stretch I'm stretching for, this I'm literally stretching come on Jack be a champion come on Jack be a champion come on Jack be a champion be a winner today Jack you're a winner you're not, a loser you're a winner Jack what are we winners wait someone's.

Here why is this guy here what is Dewey God gasps me up chat come.

On Wow come on let's go baby bots get out of here keep your challenges I'm insane Chad my movements nuts my movements literally nuts bro where's the, westernmost part of the map is this head nice go go, go we got to go to Haunted Hills now come on chat gas me up gasp yeah baby cook cast me up what's a, Nils down on what's it good let's go had to go I do go I still saw I have to go wash shifty shifty shifty shifty have to go to. Shifty row I'm setting a world record right now I'm literally setting.

A world record right now someone tell get Guinness Book of. World Records that are setting a world record right now bro how do I aim this thing chat I have to launch myself you're go stopping I know man I, literally can't build anything I'm going to grab the balls destroyed cacti visit Paradise Palms, this game wait have I gone to the southernmost part of the map I don't know can I tell which side I've, gone to on the map chat whether its east south north west that's East well through the southeast no why is it so challenging it's counselor paradise right didn't, the game say to go to paradise didn't I have, a challenge for paradise chat landed paradise Jesus Christ will this work will this work will this work will this work will this work you son of a bitch an, absolute ho you bud look at you yeah go ahead yeah we got them guys yeah we gotta Jesus Christ kid. Don't you have like piano lessons or, something oh god wait week six is the one planet the search where the cut where the knife boys in the treasure map loading screen what they just that challenge in Spanish how do, I kind of. Defeat how do I just do this please tell me great yep because people love to play fort light in windowed mode. In in in half of.

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