Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update i've been played with a respawn man I'm actually excited about this q yes sir that was nice to DJ he's actually right I didn't buy anything when I was in the hospital everyone tell everyone tell DK I. Say thank you because I was. In the hospital when a lot of the skins came out tell DK to say thanks feels good to be back shot for at least a little before we gonna leave today pretty sick what, in tarnation's I don't know buy that drink faster, this guy I think this would go well with the skin and, then okay cuddle hearts chat well they give abode the skin nice just toss me the event when you're ready bro yo Matt teacher in an engineering degree here I got your help with homework.

Hey thanks bro preciate 20 titties sprinkled Thank You Otis Lupo's title I'm a dad to smile at code god oh. My god your guys titles are unbelievable play with a new dad Tim the tab man and a. Salty one at dawn morning tail hey it's going on with the titles guys, some sent to some way animosity here nah I just updated my mind – Tyler's was playing with, the new dad and and a salty one my stream title is now two dads and dick Wow this is gonna be my first day back huh you guys are gonna be you, guys are gonna be at each other's throats on my first day back I didn't say and dude I didn't say, anything I'm literally just I'm literally referencing Tyler's name is all and he's he's the, one that's playing it he's being aggressive here oh it's been 13 years since he streamed Tim all right I know things have change. On Twitch still. Has more subs than me – you thought wrong easy Dory's got way more than me – dying channels smile I'm a. Dying streamer – bro pepper heads you called yourself the Kanye West at which this morning what's this about yes that's know why what, I'm a lyrical genius miracle wordsmith good come on are you guys shoes spirits out forever may know about it I invited Paul so now this is really awkward. Maybe those three, should go play together trios I advise you guys the squad trip dude hang out with the new dad old dad that is kind of awesome statement and are you kind. Of a dad to a dog dad yeah I mean do dogs I was probably more work than a baby right I'm not playing with myself, right now so.

I'm not guy can we see both your hands on screen we get you can't prove that I can't wait to.

Get revived with the respawn man really excited so do you think you're are you gonna have time off skill where you come back and suddenly you're better than you were before no. He gonna be absolute trash no I, think it's a thing well we'll see I mean I'll either get one pump in the head at the start, here or you know I'll pop off so who knows yeah 20 bucks off stream it's gonna squirt what is it called, wildcard D that's right well they're gonna pop off or I'm dead yeah I think make sure twenty minute I preached earlier twenty minute for seven days all right listen you gotta.

You gotta throw them right back into the Lions Den dude all.

Right let's go I forgot that I was I would have been playing earlier but I, forgot to update my game I didn't realize it was a huge update so I'd wait like 20, or 20 minutes in my full team session that's what I am breath feels good to sit down to play a video game like this though although I played a lot of WoW in the hospital while I. Was waiting so a lot a while did you watch anybody's stream all here in the hospital not really, because I did my internet wasn't good enough to stream things yeah it, wasn't good enough to play Wow I don't know why call me I, can tell you why but then if you can like dumb it down for me that'd be great yeah daeum the amount of, data that is sent or Wow is way less because all you need all I needs to tell people it's, like what you're doing and position stuff it's I'm sending a picture visit video. And stuff so that's way more an airplane yep but then you try and play like there are you try and.

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