Fortnite vs Apex Legends

Fortnite vs Apex Legends so real quick dudes for this video stocks remember do me a favor hit the subscribe button yes pretty much it maybe subscribe button alright boys ready to race that total paper who's got to use a tube who's, got to go poop I got poo poo high so we're race to the toilet paper to me to style we're, gonna do. This map there's eight different checkpoints right so let's go to the checkpoint everybody oh the first checkpoint we're gonna rate our, crap oh gosh we're gonna race to each checkpoint every checkpoint is two separate points right right and then the end toilet paper, is ten points and we're doing a fight at the end winner takes all are you guys ready for this okay hold on hold on I got a response I have low health. If you think if you think too young if you think teams son goals can win this oh. It's team Ben. Ben we hit that like hit that like one for team son goals alright ready for the first two points in three all right I'm drinking my meetings real quick why, are you stopping Jules I need your help stop drinking minis drinking crab I don't people die people die okay we need to go to that, first spawn point we need two points we need two points yeah you can shoot at him got him got him. We got two points two points yes two points like yo-yo yeah what I got to write this, down gotta write this down – yeah. Yeah I agree – I'm trying to get these boys dude we out here alright so you, guys got zero points you ready ready for the next one three two one got him got a grenade you. I save you Oh get out Henry oh don't bill kills me he's gonna go you might die is it white no you've died to a bot don't you lie no I got the checkpoint don't you lie you little, turd your turd nuggets oh don't you look. At me Hannah oh crap oh crap look everybody kill the bot that's standing there camping, alright hold on I need to respawn I have zero I have I have one hit point remember after after this we're doing a temple limb ablation blat 'el blam oh my, bladder is full well that's why we're going to the toilet alright so we have two points they have two points in three. Two one just get in there get in there it's right there good all right we got, those two points crap I'll prep, so we don't have respawn protection anymore they apparently fix that Oh No yeah yeah yup so okay, well now I'm just you know getting spawn camp short intermission everybody ready nice shot I feel I feel kill people I'm nice we got it no. Boys we out here we out here score you know what's the score we have six points – there – dude, these things have laser vision everybody alright hold on let me die to death dude this is fun I really like guys if you like. This hit that foot button what wait. Which buttons the foot button is that it's the matter like button all the way like a like button I can hear you dancing.

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