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Fortnite Wiki what's very buddy typical give me room with your daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you I got a brand new for night update featuring a couple of, new things one we got a brand new game of the air royale LTM it's all planes you got to take. Out each other it looks really really cool I think I'll touch on that on another stream so, that other stream will be exclusive that new mode it'll be really really cool what we're gonna be, looking forward today is the new weapon trap the epic and legendary versions of the infantry rifle and boy does it look good so we're gonna go in-depth on that, try it out in-game and. Do all that jazz we're gonna check out first and creative so we're gonna do that pass the lights there is a new skinnier, so this is the pastel outfit as you can see it is quite new it's actually really really cool and I see there's gonna be a quite a few people, sporting him but there's also a new a new weapon wrap all right the spring one here but. This the supersonic which is really cool it's got like a Punisher design on the face mascara and it's got sort of different outfit styles that, you could pick so there's. Four different styles it is a legendary outfit and on the back you got the counter here which actually shows how, many kills you have in that game mode so I actually bought that skin if we go over here you will see if you go edit style you could choose the different types, and they're actually all pretty different and. Pretty freakin sweet so let me know which one your favorite is skull wolf Hornet, or Falcon and if you want to cop any of that and you want to support me bottom right at the item shop be sure to type in typical gamer, and just like that you will be supporting me additionally over, here you will see that there is the surefire glider which looks pretty sweet let's go ahead and cop that there is also two more weapon, raps there stealth black which looks awesome we're gonna put that on everything and there's one more there is the dogfight rap. As well I'd like to see how that looks on everything and let's go ahead and get pastel as, well we're just gonna we're gonna buy everything that's essentially we're gonna do today we're just gonna buy everything sprout I swear there's a, pickaxe that looks like sprout but that's okay and the spring party rap as well you know I gotta support myself so that's why I. Got my own creature coat and if you want to support me as well use Creator code typical gamers so let's go. Ahead and just gonna go ahead and toggle favorite. On that just so I don't lose it and let's go selectable styles and we should have our dude over here let's fare, that as well cuz he actually looks pretty frickin sweet if you ask me so let's put that one on the pickaxe I guess we. Could put really anything I'm gonna put I'm gonna put this. One on and the glider let's just do magic wings as I like yeah you know what I like doing this one let's do that one and. Then for thee so this is the stealth black one let's apply, to all and then you'll see that's actually pretty sick so that's the stealth black on everything what are the new ones we got the. Dogfight let's apply that to everything that looks, actually pretty sweet it's like an army camo actually might like that one the most then we got past they'll apply that to everything and that one's a bit more New Age it's a bit more of it's a bit. More I don't know a new. H means but it's but it's a bit more like that let's do apply that black one.

Ball and let's go ahead and check it out so I made a creative map that should have the new rifle and we can sort of, test the accuracy and all that and then afterwards we're gonna hop into some solos make some random duo's made some squads after and try out the new infantry, rifle see if we could find any game and take some people, out so if you watch enjoy this you want to see more be sure to smack that. Like button and hit that subscribe button if you're new very important tick if you're not subscribed take a second right now just hit the subscribe button right just take a second. Hit the subscribe button will be Gucci alright so let's go over to. Sandbar island let's go for that I know I'm gonna couple's map but you don't really need to see, the map right now for creative thinking to be better than that way and oh no where's my llama I, made a llama and llamas not oh there's a llama okay listen we should pretty much start this then we should pretty much start this, there we go and let's slide over here there we go alright let's land, on the llama and before we do allow my guests because everyone's saying it let me just do that real quick and let me move. My FaceCam over here look at that I'm gonna drag myself over Wow right, onto myself that's some inception stuff right there just watch the movie Inception and Chad I feel like not many. People have watched it nowadays it's one of those things that you have to kind of catch when you were when he was at the time, of release you know and let me just flip my cam it's done the. Right way and poem alright we are at golden alright so we got the llama. Here let's go ahead and break it open and you will see the new infantry rifle it comes in legendary and epic so purple and gold this is what it looks. Like in comparison to the other infantry rifle as you guys know and you know, I wasn't the biggest fan of the infantry rifle I know a lot of people did start to enjoy it because it kind of had some neat accuracy with.

It but this thing from what I've seen is like it's perfect right when you aim in it's perfectly. Accurate we're after a shot luck it goes perfectly accurate again almost the second after, it sounds pretty sweet too it sounds pretty sweet too so let's say let's see if we can go boom boom boom well alright I, missed a few shots you know I changed myself there we go look at that so it does I believe, it does quite a bit of damage I don't know if that's the true numbers is it let's see over, here let's. Go to our inventory so just 44 damage and that thing has a double headshot multiplier.

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