Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup it's the two time back-to-back what Street thirty second at Harbor I'll be there in one minute I'm here you don't think I can get to the, Champions League and for night you little skinny-ass overrated developer from North Carolina you don't think the two. Time back-to-back 1993-1994 champion what you say if I do I get a special edition skin no one has ever seen all's I got to do, is make it to the champions deal accept it by the way I looked a. Looked at some of your coding we'll see what happens though bye ladies and gentlemen I'm thinking we. Get to that Champions League level and for tonight and how we gonna do that we're gonna have to grind them out a little SIM card hack, you know it's a very outdated technique you know they were able to access accounts it probably could get they could probably.

Have a lot of like more information but I don't think this is the group that's out there to you know. Really tackle the legal side of things and and get things, way out of hand I think ultimately in the way I look at it later on before I make my, point well it's kind of countered I was gonna make my point but then I had an. Idea of how anyways I don't think they're out to harm the two-time I think they just gave us a reality check that hey two times. You know you got this futuristic world the command center we know that you're the future of, technology we know that you're the face of the future of tech we know that the face of. The future technological display whether it's you or not whether it's formed six foot eight digitally, through an digitalized list we kind of we know that you think you've you're the you you're advanced but here's a couple cracks that need to be sealed so here's a reality check and that's the, way I look.

At it is uh you know I kind of give him firm handshakes like hey maybe I do need to seal. This part up maybe I need a seal maybe I need to take a look at this maybe I need to take a look at this and that's the.

Way I look at it obviously hackers or hackers they don't we don't like them but in this case I look at it as. A sort of a reality check in a dock you still got a few cracks seal them up so we, did please no fart night says Snickers in the chat oh yeah let's, go is there brand-new game you got a brand new game to play huh Snickers you got a baby you got a brand, new one here's the thing I'm not playing casual, pubs playing in a squad going we're not we're in the fortnight competitive pro level arena solo playlist where we're grinding out we're moving all the way to the tippity-top and we're not stopping, for nothing knuck okay that's what we're doing tomorrow we could prep maybe tomorrow we throw in the triple threat like. Every single day here's a difference right every day there's gonna be a narrative attached to the arena what's the music on look at.

How close we are ladies and gentlemen to get to the Champions. League where we get a front row ticket to the World Cup in Italy that's my information that I have I don't know it's probably right this is.

Not well maybe it is maybe this, maybe it is maybe this maybe we go all-in ready for it maybe we go all in here we go did I hit that sniper shot I can't tell, if I did or not, did I hit that sniper shot I thought or was that just a a delayed response if I didn't hit that sniper shot man I would have been dead right there that was a 90 or 88 or, 92 or something I can I don't even know, I kind of want to attack this guy Oh baby trust me we're following you don't get a mistaken don't get a mistake come on one tippy-tap shot.

I don't know I'm like starting, to not concentrate playing this game like I'm kind of goofing off too much you know what I mean like I'm not, in serious mode with a stay in the positive wait for this guy to pause oh no I'm gonna get sniped. From a different directions and how they gotta push me I almost want to get involved with. This I think this might be a good push you gotta stay in the positive baby okay you know what I mean I know we can baby all right 12, bullets in my AR man I think that's enough to like go from a shotgun blast 12 bullets and then right back into the shotgun, blast we have time trust me he just around run run run run run away run away you pussy run, away run away run away I'm chasing chase and he's allowed, to just run away run away get higher ground run run away and get higher ground run. Away and get higher ground run run run away run away right run away run run run away run away run keep climbing keep blocking yourself run away game is built for pussies with, all that said ladies and gentlemen we're in the positive man.

41 points right we're climbing it up climb those tacos de carne asada con queso is salsa Roja it is like Spanish just melts in my mouth it does, man I love speaking Spanish it's like therapeutic but, you have to learn how that you have to pronounce it correctly it's it's it's it's kind of the same thing as like playing a.

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