Fortnite World Cup Final

Fortnite World Cup Final so today I decided to take one of the most popular series on my channel rock-paper-scissors and I decided to make it even more ridiculous than it's ever been I'm actually playing rock-paper-scissors in. Fault light against the fault night lawman the rules are simple as. Well guys all we got to do is to block Paper Scissors against allama if we win we get to open it if we, don't then we go on to the next lab and then we gotta fight if you guys live for it make sure to hit that like button, down below and if you're excited to see, who's better at rock-paper-scissors me of this Dom nama right here then hit that subscribe button turn on notifications and definitely use create a code trainer. In the item shop enjoy the video yes you heard me right. In the intro freulich we are indeed actually doing this we are playing rock-paper-scissors against Lamas I don't have to, emote I know you don't have to emote dude and I'm just gonna have to do it for you so yeah that's what we're gonna have to do for you too but have you noticed this it's, true can we get one like one light, equals one prayer for this llama right here dude that's messing with my eyes it's like a plague stress resolution, it's really freaking weird to look like look at look at I can't even talk dude I mean messing me up there's something wrong if you look like that llama you definitely, need to go to the, doctor dude one like equals one prayer and also one subscribe because one prayer for this guy and one bell equals one prayer for this guy thank you guys so much, for your M considerations towards the stretch Lamas this one. Is actually normal but I need you to guys need that Bell still this is gonna be so dumb bite so I'm just gonna be, the one that starts off okay and above cause gonna start off with this knob right here so he chooses rock is, what he tells me yes this is the dumbest video we've ever done boo make, are you happy I mean I only I don't even have the emote. So I mean all right you know what wish me luck dude I hope.

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