Ninja has kids

Ninja has kids my dad texts me some dad jokes are on here I'm chat what happened to the Frog that parked illegally he got towed what did the ocean say to the shore nothing, he just waved thanks dad great jokes by the way here we go my dad texts me some dad jokes you guys want to. Hear one from go on what happened to the Frog that parked illegally he got towed that's a good one that's a good. One yo so you know now that we're all dad's the greatest, thing about being a dad is when you just get a poop on it out of your you know out of your I'm trying to think of, how I can all my dogs like a spider just kids you know they're. Like my little kids when you wake up in the morning you take you know you you, make sure they go to the bathroom like a good parent all right and they poop and you just know they, don't have to poop for a while feels great yeah you guys get that too right.

Ya know cuz don't don't your kids poop – yeah I mean for poops on two hours do they also pee and eat and drink water milk yeah but I mean I feel like. They're just so similar you know uh-huh Roy Roy Roy Roy this house.

Ain't big enough for the two of his team though getting literally no weapons, I have a full shield that's it I hear I can give you a gun I got a gun for you bottom floor and you're gonna.

Pull huh hopefully it sounded likes it Southwest multiple deuce deuce push me I'm not hitting my shots. At all that's right I just have one shot left let's crank some nineties in his face I'm trying to be nice oh. My god one the sniper I lived two minutes in front of me he's tesis this guy, had a hundred I love you blizzard love you I love you. Love you 41 82 that guy man that's wild I can't pick you up it's move away from the game welcome to for tonight did you, see did you see the two games that my ball broke where I was in a top like 30 situation yes. Yeah bro there it was very sick we were talking we were talking about it and every time I got people in front of me and tacos I, had chef press f to pay respects was your ball Tim you good favor gun, just saying what am i doing what am i doing.

Take that okay I've got a mini right here for somebody yeah no matter if I do stem mine I'm dropping another minute hard donde me pardon me pardon me pardon me aren't on him in.

You know I don't speak Spanish drinking I'm not mad I'm impressed the hub will ferrell has good five. Years left left in him in making movies how old is he I don't even know he's, 62 like 63 chap chat will no sin Google which is Chet owl is Will Ferrell thank you someone said 51 52 51 sounds of, alright 51 you guys he's got 20 years let's go. I have a treasure map that I'm going to minimum is currently set, to 20 I don't know if that's like a new dad thing or it was like it was like a overwhelmed I like I knew if I didn't set, it higher I would still be reading donors right now in links there you go. Chat oh come on gave me money for that you're awesome someone sitting team was better than yesterday I throw chop them, good you do know that there are people who like pink like I you know I never know go on speak your mind that was one. Of those tweets who is writing and then he deleted it no I've never started to. Write it like now I'm not gonna say this him are so much better than you what he talking about you watched. Him play and I'm just like so okay but what. Are you trying to say hey speak your mind hey blue pumps nice building by the way you need them all friends here right chat today smiles and chat. For friendship Thanks smiles my rift buddies off stream I'm gonna drop 29 medium okay full shield inbound right like.

Right there and now Tim I'm bringing I'm gonna airdrop you a chug chug some medium for you boy I, got me I got it no Ingrid no so so let's, talk about it then so what's wrong with people saying that you know Tim a little bit better than ninja what's up dude. Something's there's something you like if you like your streamer that's totally up for debate go for it I don't think I'm the, best like I think that's that's what's up opinion you know okay okay so so far we're deflecting looks, wrong let's roll back when I game I think I think that abate you I. Am I'm I'm I'm some might say I'm the masturbator dude wait wait wait a minute these guys. Birthday tomorrow hey guys I'm framing shooting whole team whole team whole team oh my god yeah and they all just, something and I'm fun I'm read the plum whatever this is launched patting the heck out of there dude I've no healing though so I can't get hit I'm going to boogie bomb midair 76 headshot on that, one guy great shot dude I'm looking, yeah your incoming dynamite aerial boogie bomb you ready for this $300 okay the NP do teamwork. Surgical dude that was not very together community a better place no really best friends a DMP free oh thank you man for your your-your-your 30,000 bits I appreciate 300 much love kakadu POG you. In the chest where the end really thought you're gonna plug your own I'm a legend apparently it's a knife this. Dude he's very mad shiek or, blue and I hit him corty – blue better the guys the guys the backup but salt is fresh out of the bottom out I'm a little, far away hold on don't give this I got this play just try and shoot me in the middle that is.

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