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Play Fortnite ladies and gentlemen you ever take a meme too far oh my god I have crippling depression wait a minute I think we do that like every single video finally, guys the video that won't potentially get me banned from fortnight however it might get me banned from the oldest battle royale ever , Jesus Christ ladies and gentlemen today we turn to meme into a real.

Thing I thought I would do something different since other youtubers are posting. Like other versions of fortnight and stuff I was like wait a minute why don't I play the original the oldest that me that's it I'm not saying anymore enjoy today's video 10,000 likes I'll do another one dude, of course guys don't forget to subscribe if you're new because we do stupid, on the channel every single day issue Ikes dude I don't I don't upload daily with that said guys let's do this, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the original battle royale, and yes guys I'm using a fortnight texturepack oh 11 people in this game let's do it dude why is there an animating naked girl just running around Jesus Christ wait look. At my character bro I look like a G dawg you can't even lie guys leave a like right now, if you think I look like a gangster look at this, bro I'm a Minecraft sweat I literally have an OG cape dude you wouldn't what do you guys got. On me bro you're all bad I am the best what the hell I just said banach MC aren't you that youtuber she just said you're. Ugly your mom's gay he just said are you the real no I'm like yeah hell yeah I am t bro alright. Boy let's play some original battle royale pretty sure. Everything in this texture pack is like completely changed like I mean I'm not pretty sure I'm a hundred cents sure I just don't know what's what and oh my god wait.

I just gonna what the is this this, is a hunting rifle oh wait yeah I forgot like I literally made this. Five minutes ago I forgot ya guys the hunting rifle is literally a boat and hold on there's this oh wait oh wow I made this totally wrong dude. This is such a stuffed extra fact I just dropped it alright wait is the arm or anything I actually didn't even edit that oh no it's not.

What the hell is this this is a stone sword is this oh this is a suppressed SMG bro what all. Right guys listen. Man I made this texture pack in like 10 seconds and I'd even make it I just edited alright wait oh my god wait I'm oh my god I'm a bot bro I just tried spamming e on. The door because that's how I oh my god nevermind I'm trying here take take this take the armor bro, take shield armor is basically shield right I mean. I mean no dude wants a rod I know what dude I'm playing for tonight no minecraft this guy's like dude what.

The hell are you talking about it helped me get golden scar by giving me two diamonds I hold, on so this is my Grayson G so here guys we got it oh oh wait this sucks I got a burst assault rifle dude this is doing one eternity, later oh god oh god I'm a bot oh my god oh my god oh.

My god come on help me help me help me oh oh let's. Go baby let's go wait what is that yes and is that a great pistol dude oh my god yo give me this hell yeah oh let's go you can craft the. Deducted sword the golden scar do we're gonna. Go make the golden scar boys oh my god smash the like button right now wait what the heck where.

My FaceCam border go I just realized it's gone I it's not even on my hope yes oh you know what, guys can we get a half in the chat I literally don't know where my FaceCam border went hold on okay I did this yo the golden score dude get. Him oh he has the sword he has the freaking all oh my god no no dude we can't die, you can die yay yay yay oh oh oh why did it want you to give me Google Apple. This is a slurp juice let's just pretend it's a slurp juice yike Oh get rekt y'all dude I'm gonna get this. Oh my god yo he's launching me dude we're such a scumbag, it can't team in freaking fortnight's you do, it in Minecraft throw this dude is actually so annoyed can you stop oh no oh dude you suck oh my god your hunting rifle you're due to that the hunting rifle of course I. Knew it oh no here let me go first let me go first come on dude oh my god what a bar nope. Nope nope Oh Oh am I gonna die my dad, dude a freakin heart oh my god oh my god let's go bro I'm the best, frickin minecraft player ever dude all right guys we got some more ammo I'm gonna drop this through there we go, I can get scar – oh no he's too powerful voice yo it's the scythe boys look at it we have the, site okay here I will give it back to you yeah low key guys wait how much people are left okay we only have three more or no technically two more, people that's GG's, this guy's Loki a god bro like if we won't be one right now he probably would like oh god guys he has he has the frickin scar too boys yo yo easy easy all, right take a screenshot oh my god dude fov slider bro fortnight take tips man we need this yo, what's up what's up oh you're do do like a parkour oh my god, you suck oh my god dude yeah calm mode oh my god dude oh my god you're actually a bot I mean yes I, know I'm to be wanting him guys I'm aware but still can we even get banned for this like I don't even know, if this is bana bull dude. You are dead you are.

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